Friday, July 20, 2007

Twitterfeed Your Blogs

Twitterfeed takes almost any blog RSS and feed it into a Twitter account.This is cool application which is nowhere related to Twitter as a company and it enables you see new items when you're on Twitter or using any of the Twitter applications.

Twitterfeed can make (almost) any blog into a Twitterbot.My suggestion is to create a Twitterfeed from an existing blog though it allows you create a new feed.If you do not have a Twitter account then create a Twitter account and you will also need an OpenID account to log in toTwitterfeed. OpenID is a quite a different site authentication system. If you don't have an OpenID, just go to MyOpenID and sign up for an account.

So logoin to create a newTwitterfeed using OpenID,tell it your blog's RSS address (rss.xml) and how often you want it to check for new items (once an hour is reasonable), and then wait for Twitterfeed to start scanning.So once you are done with it you have a blog update available to all your Twitter friends.

A new cool way of getting more traffic through Twitter to your blogs.Isn't this a good tool to use, share your thoughts, folks!!

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