Thursday, July 19, 2007

RSS Integrator:Profilactic

Profilactic is a personal feed aggregator and very suitable for the bloggers who write on different topics and need to come with one widget having all their posts to be read from one location.One has to tell it where one posts online, and it pulls all the feeds together.You can invite friends and can point them to this "mashup" page.another facility that this site provides is to add widgets provided to one's webpages or blogs.

There are other websites like YourMinis and Widgetbox provide a facility to create widgets from RSS feeds of your blog or website but does not give an RSS integration facility.Profilactic is much easier to set up, though.Another good feature is that it can read from websites like Jaiku,Digg,,Twitter, Pownce,Flickr, and several more and all you have to do is put in your public usernames for the accounts you have.

As this site is in its early stages so I think it will enhance its services for posting to several social websites and blog websites from one central location.I am still in look out for such a website.It just provides only reading facilities and that too from a limited number of websites.Facebook is not supported as yet or may be in time to come that will also be done.

A nice way to get more and consolidated exposure of one's posts.Here I have also shown what I have made through integration of two separate RSS feeds of mine,one on Advanced Technologies and the other on Interview Questions on Java and Java EE:

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