Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Create Banners/Logos For Your Website/Blogs

Creating Banners and Logos for one's website or blog helps to great extent for self promotion.There are lot of online resources that will help you out in creating them.The following points should be kept in mind while creating them:

-Your headers, banners, logos and buttons should look the same on every page to maintain the consistency through out.
-Animated or Adobe Flash banners are very catchy but usually Google neglects them while indexing, though there are mixed opinions on them.
- Submit your banners to free banner posting websites to promote your brand.
- While posting your blogs to various blog promotion websites and directories they ask for your banner URL in prescribed width and height dimensions.Create banners as per details asked and then upload them on a web-directory(Google pages or Tripod).Get the URL for the banner and post it while promoting your website.
-On-line sites you can use to create free headers, banners, buttons and logos are listed below:

3D Text Maker
Animated-Banner Creation.
Acme Label.
Banner Creator.
Banner Generator .
Button Maker
Cool Text(My Favorite)
Cool Buttons.
Free Web buttons and menus
iqAuto 3D text generator
Logo Generator
Logo Maker
Media Builder

-Submit your created banners here.

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