Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cool Widgets

Recently I have found out few websites which provide you widgets to be incorporated into your website or blog.These widgets make your blogd/website equipped with new features and attract cross website/blog promotion.The features like showing photos as slides,world time,weather info,pregnancy counter,news ticker,showing your recent post list,games like Tetris,Sudoku,Jokes and many more are most sought after amongst publisher community.
The interesting part to this story is that there are some online widget publishing websites where you can use several widgets to publicize your products/services/information.These widgets created by you can be used by anyone,so you create and share it with world.Isn't that interesting and good for your blog/website promotion.It is easy and fun making one.
These widgets providing websites provide you a flexibility of automatically adding these widgets to Blogger, MySpace,WordPress, FaceBook, Netvibes, Google IG, PageFlakes or other accounts.
Some of my favorite widget providing website are:

Opera Widgets
Yahoo Widget Gallery
YourMinis RSS Widget

YourMinis helps you create Flash based widgets to spice-up your website and takes RSS feed for doing that.

I have posted one of many widgets I have created,here below.And this one is for this blog as an example to demonstrate how well they can assist you to build a wide exposure to your website/blog,as others, if found your Widget useful, would embed in their website/blog.Moreover I see already, this widget being subscribed by few of netizens...:-)

I created a widget on YourMinis for my 'Interview Questions on Java and Java EE' blog and this is how it looks:

I have already posted it on few of my Social networking websites to get more traffic to my blog.

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