Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Communicate with CircleUp

You have a website and you keep in touch with your audience through regular newsletters on their emails.Now a big question is how do you get a feedback from your audience on a particular topic,product or service in an efficient manner.You can create a list of all registrants to your website to communicate but getting response from them on your email will be a real tedious task to manage.Recently I stumbled upon this website called CircleUp which takes all your woes away in a real cool fashion.The respondents need not register,simply answer the query posed my you and you get a response in single,consolidated and summarized fashion.

You can create group of your contacts, which you can import from your existing address book from GMail,Yahoo,Hotmail,Outlook and more. CircleUp gives an easy way to ask questions of any community you belong to and get back a single organized result to use and share instead of a hassles of emails and instant messages.

Moreover you get a cool widget from them which you can integrate in your website.It enables your visitors and members to use CircleUp right from your site or blog,adding a great value for your visitors and increase site traffic and loyalty.

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