Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Adding a Google Map to your site

  1. Create a Google page as you please.Write "MyGoogleMap" somewhere in the page and save,publish it.

  2. View this page Live.Do right click and copy and paste the code to a new text editor page.

  3. Get your personal Google maps API-key. At Google Code.

  4. Go to word editing tool and search for . Paste the following code JUST IN FRONT (no spaces,...) of the head-tag:

  5. Next, locate the words "MyGoogleMap" which you typed in in the beginning. Remove it and paste the following code in its place:

  6. If you want to show a specific location on map, you will need latitude and longitude data for your location. You can find these here or by using Google Earth. The first number is your latitude (E) , the second your longitude (N), the third number is the zoom.

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