Thursday, April 19, 2007

Add your readers/friends with their snaps on geographical map

A very useful tool to know the geographical locations of all your friends,readers to your blogs or websites from Frappr Map. You can plot your location, add a photo, post a shoutout to everyone else on the map, or edit your map profile on

You too can join my personal Frappr Map and map-socialize.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Add ClusterMap To Your Blogs And Webpages

Get ClusterMap to display a world map on your blog or website, giving details of geographical location of all visitors to your pages.

- Visit ClusterMap website.(
- Register with your website URL and password sent by ClusterMap which you can change later.
- Get HTML code and paste inside your webpages/blogs.
- You can change the frequency of refresh of this service daily/weekly/monthly/never.
- It also provides Archiving facility as well as daily/weekly/monthly/yearly.


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Some Important Tools

When you are through with basic layout and putting information on your pages/blogs , you would like to add some cool tools.These tools not only make your blogs/websites interactive with your readers but also gives significant information like who are visiting your blogs,which geography they belong to,what do they think about contents you are publishing and their important feedbacks will help you improve your site contents and sometimes may give you more ideas.

Here is a list of cool tools that you would like to add on your site:

Counter Stats
Tell A Friend
Mailing List
Message Forum

Get a Google Horizontal or Vertical Personalized Video Bar

  1. Upload your videos on Google Video.Ensure that you give all of them unique names so that could easily be listed when searched on Google video on the basis of your unique keyword.
  2. Go on AJAX Search API Link for AJAX Video BarIt gives you two formats : Horizontal and Vertical.
  3. Make a smart search on all your uploaded videos on Google Video and get the code and paste it into a relevant webpage of yours.

    I have listed here one of my videos uploaded in Horizontal Video format, being searched on keyword 'Zeil,Frankfurt'.

Embed Google Reader

  1. If you already do not know about Google Reader,please read.
  2. Register your self on Google Reader.
  3. Add subscriptions for which links you would like to read.
  4. Share Items
  5. There is link in right section of webpage saying 'Put a clip on your site or blog', once you will click this item,you will get the code to be inregrated in your blog or webpage.Here is sample of item which I have in my Google reader and could be incorpaorated anywhere in a webpage:

Adding a Google Map to your site

  1. Create a Google page as you please.Write "MyGoogleMap" somewhere in the page and save,publish it.

  2. View this page Live.Do right click and copy and paste the code to a new text editor page.

  3. Get your personal Google maps API-key. At Google Code.

  4. Go to word editing tool and search for . Paste the following code JUST IN FRONT (no spaces,...) of the head-tag:

  5. Next, locate the words "MyGoogleMap" which you typed in in the beginning. Remove it and paste the following code in its place:

  6. If you want to show a specific location on map, you will need latitude and longitude data for your location. You can find these here or by using Google Earth. The first number is your latitude (E) , the second your longitude (N), the third number is the zoom.

Add Clock To Your Site

  1. You can put both analog and digital clocks on your website, if you like.
  2. Here are few links which may solve your purpose:

A slideshow from Flickr

  1. Register yourself on Flickr.If you have Yahoo id then registering on Flckr is simple process otherwise you have to register yourself afresh.

  2. Upload your photos and make a slideshow with desired layout.

  3. Copy and paste the following code in HTML editor:

  4. Replace the XXXXXXXXXX@NXX by your Yahoo ID.Flickr provides you copy paste code with all these details which one can analyze easily and even ypu face any problem then write to me. Your User ID is always a part of the URL.
  5. If you want more than one slideshow, you'll have to split up your pictures in Sets in Flickr. Now you have add a little part of code (Set ID) to the code above:
    When the URL of a set is like this:
    Then the Set ID is 72157594571259813

How to create password protected area?

The safest and easiest way to make some area of your website password protected is given on this Link.

There are other crude scripting ways to do that but they are not secure.

Playing Videos in you site

  1. Upload your video files on Google Video.
  2. Go and View your video from your account on Google Video.
  3. On Google Video on the right side of the site you will see a button/link with text 'Email-Blog-Post to MySpace', when you click it you see a link 'Embed HTML'.
  4. 'Embed HTML' link will give you an HTML script which you can place in your website where you want to display Video in your web-pages.

Playing background music on your webpages

  1. Upload your background music files(MIDI,MP3 etc.) on Google Pages.

  2. Add following script in "body" tag :

  3. Save and publish your page.You have to put this code on all pages where you want to have background music.

Playing Music Live From Your Website/Blogs

  1. Upload your music files on Google Pages.Only MP3 files are supported by script posted here.

  2. Add following script in "body" tag :

  3. If it still does not work,go on my site in 'Music' section, right click and view code and see the location of the script.